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women suffer
from mental

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A panic attack is a sudden fear
that makes you feel, for no apparent
reason, like you can’t
breathe, are having
a heart attack or are
about to die.

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You asked us

Q: I've been pretty sure that I have OCD for a very long time now and I have had it confirmed through multiple, credible online medical tests that I should see someone about it.

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Recent studies show that although 55.7% of high school students take part in physical education, they're vigorously active for less than 10% of that class time.

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About 500,000 Canadians are absent from work each day due to mental health reasons.

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What works

At GMP Engineering, employees are given an opportunity to ask three hard questions that are answered by the executive.

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The Activity Calorie Calculator from Fitness Partner will let you calculate the number of calories you burn for over 200 different activities. Click here.

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